Ted Kop Jansen Horses works from two locations.




We have the young horses in Diever.
Here is enough space for the breading horses and the young horses that are just under saddle.
We also have our sport mares here.
This location has 7 hectares of land with sufficient space for daily grazing.
Two paddocks, outdoor arena and lovely light stables with open windows to the outside.




Our other location is in Heerde. Here are our sport horses.
This accommodation has an indoor arena, outdoor arena, horse walker, lunge circle and paddocks.
The horses are kept in lovely light stables.
Here, too, the horses are outside in the field every day.

Provided the weather permits, otherwise they go into one of the many paddocks to relax.
Dana van Lierop is responsible for the training and care of these Friesian sport horses that are stabled here.