About Us

We have a big database with horses for sale. Are you  interested in our services? Please feel free contact us.

Ted Kop Jansen 

Horseman at heart. The past 25 years gained vast experience and knowledge and this can successfully propagate outwards.

Ted is working daily on the stable  or on the road in search of new talent, both for our own stable as for customers.

He remains closely involved in the supervision of the horses and riders as well as the competitions.

Elise Bas 

Elise has been active for years at a high level in dressage.

Besides her own businesses Lamantia Couture NL and Equestrian Style,

Elise cooperates with Ted Jansen Horses.

She is looking for new talents, taking pictures, supervising the training, and has many responsibilities that take place on the background.

Iris Klein

She is responsible for the stable management and riding and training horses.

Iris trains the young horses up to ZZ level. She is a very nice and successful rider with a lot of love for the horses.

She also works at the office and for Lamantia Couture Nl and Equestrian Style.


Dana van Lierop

Successful Grand Prix rider. Dana takes care of the training of the horses from the higher level.

She also competes the younger talented horses for certain young horse competitions.

We are very happy with this special collaboration.

Marit Wierenga 

Marit started as an intern with us, and didn't leave the house.

She is our mainstay and a centipede.

Marit is there  where needed and always grooming at the competitions with Iris and Amber.