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Asa Wihlbeck
a day ago

I live in Northern California, USA, and am looking for a friesian. Been in contact with Staldemersken, as well as looked at sellers here in the US.

A couple of questions:
1) Do you have videos and prices of the horses or do you prefer that I reach out about specific horses that I have a particular interest in based on pics and description?
2) I got a quote from Horses2Fly for transportation, approximately how much will you charge for transportation from the Netherlands to LAX, and then transportation essentially to San Francisco from there?

Beautiful horses!

I'm looking for:
- Gelding (can be gelded of course before shipping, with recovery)
- 4 - 8 years old
- > 153 cm
- Good temperament and looking for an excellent mover, training level is of less importance, but good movement is a must.

Hoping to hear back from you.
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Asa Wihlbeck


Ted Kop Jansen Horses

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