Kop Jansen Jameson



Jameson is sold and continues under the name Johnny TKJ!
As described below, it was our intention to keep this very talented horse for the future.
However, as it is with many very talented and eye-catching horses.......
Jameson got a lot of fans....Many offers followed in The Netherlands but especially Abroad.


After many conversations with Britt Dekker, we finally decided to sell the horse to her.
This horse was a dream for her, just like George!
After 1 time riding this champ, she dreamed about him......day and night.

The Many meetings that followed did not make it any easier for her..... Britt kept searching for the Friesian horse of her dreams because Jameson was not for sale after all.

One more time.......sincerely the question Ted please sell him to me.........if he will eventually be sold in a few years.....
Why not to me now? He stays in the Netherlands and gets a forever home....... He will become a star just like George and you can still enjoy it.
And so it happened.....


We wish Britt and Johnny TKJ the best of luck together!
We are proud that he has been given the TKJ behind his name (Ted Kop Jansen)!
We are going to hear a lot from him and enjoy these two stars together!



What a talent..... What a dream.

At the moment we have chosen to keep this incredibly talented stallion.

He really has everything for the higher work and Hennie and Jameson have a huge click.

Since Johnny Cash has been sold, we want to give this mega talented horse the opportunity to achieve the same great successes as JC together with Hennie in dressage.


Is he for sale? Never say never, but that's not our intention!